3 Myths About Getting a Title Loan


When you find yourself facing a sudden financial need, applying for a title loan may be the only solution that can give you the money that you need in the time frame you are facing. However, individuals can easily underestimate their options when it comes to obtaining financing. Here, read on to debunk some myths about title loans. 

Myth #1: Loans Will Always Require Your Credit History to Be Checked

When individuals are considering their financing options, they may assume that any loan option will always require that their credit be checked. While it is true that this is essential for traditional loans, title loans will actually allow you to avoid this. These loans are structured around the value of the vehicle that is being used to secure the loan. As a result, individuals that have poor credit or otherwise wish to avoid a credit check will find these loans to be an ideal solution.

Myth #2: It Takes a Long Time to Get Approved 

One assumption that people may make about title loans is that it will be relatively slow for them to be approved for this type of financing. However, it should be noted that the approval process for these loans is typically far simpler than what is needed for more traditional loans. Since this loan is directly based on the value of the vehicle, it can be possible for one of these loans to be approved in a matter of minutes. The amount of time that will be needed for this money to be deposited will vary based on your bank and the payment process of the loan provider.

Myth #3: Your Title Loan Will Be Difficult to Repay

When taking out a title loan, it is important to note that most lenders will go to great lengths to make repaying this loan as convenient as possible. The simplest solution for this need will be to sign up for automatic payments so that these payments are issued without you needing to manually issue it. Title loans will often have a relatively short grace period between a missed payment and the collateral being repossessed. As a result, it can be extremely important for you to take steps to ensure that these payments are issued on schedule. If you have an option between title loan providers, you may want to compare the repayment systems and options so that you can choose the one that will be the most convenient for you to use. 


12 October 2020

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