Getting A Bail Bond After Being Arrested For Delinquent Child Support


Child support is one of the few debts that it is possible to go to jail for. If you or a loved one is currently delinquent on child support, it's important that you educate yourself about the process of being bailed out. Here's what you need to know. Being Arrested for Delinquent Child Support If you are significantly delinquent with child support, have failed to work with the courts or have not been in touch with the courts, it's possible a warrant will be put out for your arrest.

25 December 2018

The Physician Position: Purchasing A Home Despite Having Student Loan Debt


Medical school requires a lot of ambition, focus…and money. In fact, the average cost of medical school was approximately $32,495 for one year of study through a public medical college as of 2017. If a med student wishes to attend a private medical college, they can expect to shell out roughly $52,515 for one year of attendance. As the years progress, med students can expect those costs to stay the same or even rise.

1 December 2018

TRO Violations And Bail Bonds: What You Can Expect


"TRO" stands for "temporary restraining order." Most people with some sense will not violate a restraining order. However, the more severe and/or mentally unstable cases cannot seem to prevent themselves from violating the order. It can be a simple violation too, which makes the succeeding punishments that much harsher. If you violate a restraining order, no matter how unintended or how simple the violation, you will come before a judge. Then you can expect all or most of the following to occur.

23 October 2018

Immigration Bail Bonds: What You Need To Know


Being detained by ICE is a serious thing. You've been living in the country for a long time and have been paying taxes and abiding by the law, but sometimes immigration catches up with you and you're forced to be detained until you either prove you are an American citizen and have a green card or other legal means of being in the country or you are sent back to your country of origin.

3 October 2018

A Bondsman Can Aid Your Loved One When Money Is Tight


Do you have a relative who seems to always be getting into mischief and recently their trouble has escalated, and they have wound up behind bars? You are probably mad about their carelessness, yet want to help them out so that they can tend to their legal problem. Money for bail, however, can be an obstacle and this is when a bail bondsman can save the day. Investigate The Situation

28 August 2018

Will Bad Credit Prevent You From Getting A Home Mortgage Loan?


Many individuals stress over their credit score before buying a home. Though buying a home does require that you have fairly good credit, it's actually not a requirement. Not only should everyone be able to purchase a home of their own, but mortgage lenders know that they can repossess the house if necessary and that a home can appreciate in value. Thus, it isn't as great a risk to them as a personal loan or line of credit.

24 July 2018

What To Look For When You Are Looking To Hire A Bail Bond Agency


No one wants to be in the position of having to hire a bail bond agency. But if a loved one calls you after being arrested, you may be looking to help them get out as quickly as possible. In most states, the laws regarding bail bond agencies dictate how much the agencies can charge. As such, there is typically no price difference among the different bail bond agencies. You may be unsure which agency to use.

15 June 2018

Why Opening a Bank Account Is Wise


Have you started saving a portion of your paychecks and keeping the money stored in your house? Unless you keep the money in a fireproof safe, you can lose the money when least expected if your house happens to catch fire. Keeping the money at home is also a bad idea because thieves can gain access to it during a burglary. It is in your best interest to consider opening a bank account, such as one that comes with rewards that you can take advantage of.

24 April 2018

Ready To Build Your Own Home? 4 Reasons You Should Consider A Low-Down Payment FHA Construction Loan


If you're ready to buy a home, but you'd rather build your own, you need to look into a low-down payment FHA construction loan. You may have thought that building your own home was out of your league, but not if you go with an FHA construction loan. This type of loan provides significant benefits for the home buyer looking to build their own home. If you're not sure how a low-down payment construction loan can help you, here are four benefits for you to consider.

22 March 2018