Can You Bail Somebody Out While Social Distancing?


If your loved one has been arrested right now, you may be especially concerned with getting him or her out of jail. The risks of COVID-19 are serious, and you don't want your loved one to be in jail any longer than they absolutely have to be.

Of course, this leaves you with a question. How can you bail out your loved one and maintain social distancing procedures? The good news is that many bail bond companies may be willing to work with you. Not sure what to do? These tips will help you through the process.

Call or Email the Bail Bond Company First

You may be able to manage much of the exchange via email if you are trying to maintain some distance. Pick up the phone to reach the company and see how they can accommodate you during this trying time.

In some cases, bail bond agents can actually send you all the forms you need to sign. The process does not need to be very difficult, and it could actually be as easy as scanning or photographing your signed documents after you print them. In some cases, you simply need to apply a digital signature.

Every bail bond company is different, but you don't know what measures companies are taking unless you reach out to them. More accommodations may be available than you think.

Pay Fees Online

So, how does payment work? In these cases, the bail bonds company may send you a form you can fill out with your card information. You can work out any details together via phone or email. You may also be able to make payment via the phone if you are more comfortable doing this.

Say that you are not able to use a credit or debit card to make your payment. You may still be able to drop off cash or collateral by coming to the office for a quick drop-off. Your bail bond company may even work with you by ensuring you do not even have to leave your vehicle.

Release Requires Little Interaction On Your Part

The bail bond company actually arranges the release of your loved one after you pay the set fee, which means you do not even need to leave your home for this part. You can ensure that your loved one is able to return home so they can be safe at home and practice social distancing while they await their trial.

To learn more, contact a bail bond company like Steele Boys Bail Bonds.


20 May 2020

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