TRO Violations And Bail Bonds: What You Can Expect


"TRO" stands for "temporary restraining order." Most people with some sense will not violate a restraining order. However, the more severe and/or mentally unstable cases cannot seem to prevent themselves from violating the order. It can be a simple violation too, which makes the succeeding punishments that much harsher. If you violate a restraining order, no matter how unintended or how simple the violation, you will come before a judge. Then you can expect all or most of the following to occur.

Proving the Violation(s)

First, the person that took out the restraining order against you has to show proof that you violated the order. A phone call, a careless and empty threat, an appearance at a public place where this other person happened to be, etc., are all violations, if the order mandates specifically that you two are to never meet or talk ever again. If this other person has pictures, video, recorded phone calls, messages, evidence that you called, etc., you may be in serious trouble. If the judge does find that you violated the TRO, then you will probably spend some time in jail, and bail may be set.

TRO Violations Bail Bonds

As long as the violation(s) of the TRO are really minor (e.g., accidentally running into each other at the grocery store), the judge may set your bail at around a couple thousand dollars. If there is anyone who can help you get out of jail, that should be the first phone call you make as you head to your new jail cell. You will have greater restrictions under the TRO now, and you must appear before the judge at the next appointed hearing to decide whether or not you pose any real threat to the other person. 

If your violations were more severe and frequent, such as calling this person twenty times in one day and threatening harm at least once, bail may be "cash bond" only as you were a nuisance and proved to be terrorizing your "victim." Then, whoever chooses to spring you from jail will have to pay the bail amount in full to the jail. Thankfully, most states only have bail amounts set within parameters that can be met by cash advances from a credit card or three.

Once You Are Free

Once you are out of jail on TRO violations bail bondsstay away from the other person. Even if he/she tries to gaslight you into making contact, do not make contact. If you do, your next visit to jail may not have a bail amount attached to it.


23 October 2018

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