What's Faster, A Bail Bond Release Or An Own Recognizance Release From Jail?


When you land in jail, the number one thing on your mind is getting out of there fast - as fast as possible, in fact! There are a few different ways that you can get out of jail, but typically the most common of these are bail bond release and own recognizance release. An own recognizance release is a no-cost bail, but it's hard to achieve. A bail bond is usually low cost, and it's easy to achieve. But which one is faster? Read on to find out. 

Own Recognizance Release

An own recognizance release only occurs by order of a judge. In most cases, an own recognizance release will be ordered during the arrested person's initial court appearance if the judge deems them qualified for this type of release. Qualifying for this type of release can be difficult. A defendant must generally have the following things:

  • Only misdemeanor charges
  • An established local address
  • A local job
  • Family ties in the area

Because most people do not immediately have a court date after being arrested, it could be at least a couple of days before the possibility of own recognizance release even arises. Ultimately, this means that an own recognizance release is far from being the fastest way to get out of jail. 

Bail Bond Release

Bail bond releases are very different than own recognizance releases in a couple of ways. First - and perhaps most importantly to a person stuck in jail - a bail bond release can be started as soon as a person is arrested. Once the bail bondsman is hired, they will immediately contact the police station to learn the bail amount for the arrested person. 

The bail bondsman will then coordinate a release with a family member or friend of the person in jail. The person signing the bail bond contract will pay a small percentage of that total bail amount (10 percent is common) to the bail bondsman. By entering into the contract with the bail bondsman, they will legally assume the responsibility for making sure the arrested person appears at their court date.

As soon as that bail percentage has been paid and the contract has been signed, the bail bondsman will initiate release paperwork with the jail. The arrested person could be out of jail within hours, but it does vary widely according to the amount of people that the jail needs to release at that time.

Ultimately, a bail bond is usually a far faster path to getting out of jail than own recognizance release is. If you or a loved one gets stuck in a dire situation, sitting inside a jail cell, be sure to call a local bail bond agent to get out of there as soon as possible!


8 April 2016

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