5 Ways To Cover A Financial Emergency Today


If you need to come up with some cash today to pay for an emergency situation, then you have come to the right place! There are many different ways that you can creatively raise some quick capital to hold you through until payday arrives. 

Here is a list of five different ways that you can pocket some much-needed cash before the sun sets today:

#1: Donate Plasma 

Blood donation centers all over the country will pay for you to donate your blood plasma. While this process is a bit more involved than simply donating blood and takes a couple hours of your time, you can be assured that you are increasing your bottom line while also helping someone in medical need.

#2: Offer a Service on Social Media

If you can babysit, dog walk, paint, organize, or any host of other things, then you can offer a service on social media. An example would be a quick ad that you are available today to help someone paint a room, or that you will come to someone's home and wash their dog. Think of the things that you enjoy doing, and try to find someone willing to pay you to complete the same task for them.

#3: Offer Something For Sale on Social Media

Most households have things laying around that are no longer used or wanted. Rather than  putting off their disposal, make today the day you turn your unwanted stuff into cash. Place an ad on a local social media sales group and watch your unwanted camping gear or auto parts turn into cash.

#4: Sell Books, DVDs, CDs, or Records to a Store

There is always a market for used media items. And, thanks to the resurgence in popularity in vinyl records, that old box of records in your garage just might have some valuable titles. To turn your used media into cash, box them up and take them to a local used book or music store and sell them.

#5: Take a Loan at a Local Pawn Shop

Last but not least, if you have a valuable piece of jewelry or other valuable item, you can take out a loan at your local pawn shop. The pawn shop will evaluate your item and offer to purchase the item outright or give you a loan against its value. If you get a pawn loan, then you will need to return on the agreed upon date and repay your loan to get your item back.

If you have additional questions about how to get a loan at your local pawn shop, such as A-Wise Loan, visit their location and speak to a loan representative.


14 June 2015

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